Setting up your IT infrastructure

A solid, well-designed IT infrastructure is essential to ensure the availability, performance, security and reliability of the various technologies used within a company. It supports day-to-day operations, business applications, online services, data storage and backup, as well as communication and collaboration between users.

F3C Systems will take care of the entire installation of your IT infrastructure, providing the technological foundation on which the systems, applications and various IT tools your company will use on a daily basis will be built:


Needs assessment

This involves assessing the company’s current and future IT infrastructure requirements. It involves analysing technical requirements, storage capacities, computing power, network connectivity, etc.

Safety management

Focuses on IT infrastructure security, including management of firewalls, intrusion detection systems, security policies, SSL certificates, authentication and authorisation mechanisms, security awareness, etc.


This includes servers, desktops, laptops, storage devices, network equipment, backup devices, security equipment such as firewalls and intrusion protection devices, and connection devices such as switches and routers.


Includes operating systems, server software, databases, virtualisation software, company-specific applications, project management tools, network monitoring tools, backup and disaster recovery software, security software, etc.

Network and connectivity management

This sub-service focuses on the management and optimisation of the corporate network, including configuration and maintenance of network equipment, traffic monitoring, IP address management, network security, VPN (Virtual Private Network) implementation, etc.

Maintenance and support

Regular maintenance, updates, patches and technical support for the IT infrastructure. Includes incident resolution, user support and assistance, service request management, etc.


Virtualisation enables isolated virtual environments to be created from a single hardware resource. This optimises the use of resources, simplifies management, secures your working environment and provides greater flexibility.

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