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Protect access to the applications and software used by your business

The increase in the number of mobile and remote workers has brought with it new challenges in terms of security and connectivity. Added to this new reality is the fragmentation of the network perimeter via multiple data centres and clouds.

That’s why it’s vital for businesses to have secure access regardless of location or application, while applying consistent security strategies.

The Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) strategy simplifies the security of your connection while reducing the surface area for attacks. With ZTNA, the identity and authorisations of each user are automatically checked before accessing each application.

Building a zero-trust access strategy involves putting a number of different components in place. However, in the majority of cases, these components are supplied by different service providers and hosted on different operating systems, making this solution difficult to apply.

With a ZTNA solution you can :

  • Easily establish zero-trust access through a single provider, but also via a single operating system.
  • secure remote access to your network applications by applying the “zero trust” strategy to remote users wherever they are. Simpler and even faster than a traditional VPN, this solution lets you restrict your users’ access to the resources they need, and nothing more. In this way, the user and the application can be located in two different places without compromising the security of your connection.

How does it work?

Thanks to its various components, the ZTNA solution protects your traffic by creating a secure, encrypted tunnel between the user’s device and the ZTNA application point. This tunnel is created on demand, so access is no longer authorised by default as with a conventional VPN.

Thanks to this authentication via the ZTNA application point, network applications can also exist on site, in a private cloud – or even a public cloud – while remaining invisible to the net and therefore to hackers.

The ZTNA strategy gives you more secure remote access than a traditional VPN, while providing a better user experience.

If you are interested in a ZTNA solution, F3C-Systems is organising an information event dedicated exclusively to this subject on 4 November at 4pm in Luxembourg City. Don’t hesitate to register by sending an email to [email protected].

F3C Systems
Apr 18, 2023

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